Coming Simultaneously: Best Sex Toys for Couple

Many of you still back away from buying a sextoy, and even more a couple sex toy.

One of the reasons for this reluctance is that there are still many people who think that the use of a sextoy is a little selfish.

#Best sex toys for coupleBenefits


🥇Tiani Amber Rose Gold
Our pick


  • The petite, smooth silicone form offers a more fulfilling feeling for her and more intensity for him, and it’s flexible enough to suit all body types and positions.



HULA Beads
Very Tight

  • With powerful yet discreet vibrations, it's perfect for those that enjoy the subtle sensation of Ben Wa balls, but want even more!



Leticia Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 2kg


  • A remote-controlled couples’ vibrator worn by women when making love. IDA™ lets you share powerful vibrations and intense rotations within.



TOR™ 2

  • A comfortable and perfectly-fitting vibrating couple’s ring worn by men when making love, TOR™ 2 enhances the sensations of sex for both partners.

Powerful vibrations

Created exclusively to celebrate the partnership between LELO and celebrity Amber Rose, this updated TIANI™ couples’ massager features a delicate ring of rose gold.

It would be to take pleasure alone in the depths of his bed, so you want to get your foot on the man or woman of your dreams.

However, we often try in Artdusexe to show you how the use of sextoys can be useful to the sexuality of a couple.

Whether by their ability to help us tame our pleasure or by the games and complicity that it introduced into the couple.

Today we wanted to present you a sex toy that is really especially designed for couples: the We Vibe 3.

Pleasurable stimulation

The first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate, this unique LELO design offers a thrilling hands-free experience that turns your whole body into a sensual dance floor. 

This is one of the rare sextoys that you can really use at the same time and that does not stop penetration. You will love…

Best Sextoy couple, the We Vibe 3: what is it ?

The We Vibe 3 is a small vibrator U-shaped couple and flexible material, designed to fit perfectly and gently to the female anatomy.

It consists of two vibrating ends, one designed to stimulate the clitoris and the other to be introduced into the vagina, to stimulate the G-spot, where it feels good!

It is small and practical and, rare thing with vibrators, it is expected to be worn by the woman during penetration by his partner. This is THE ideal sex toy for couples !

The We Vibe 3: what interest ?

The interest of We Vibe 3, unlike many sextoys that are especially thought for foreplay, is to bring a real plus to both partners during the penetration.

This sex toy is particularly interesting for women who can not enjoy during coitus (and they are many, believe me!).

And for men who rage not to get to enjoy when they are in them! Indeed, the We Vibe 3 reveals all its power when it is worn in all positions derived from the missionary: the man is lying on the woman.

More Satisfying Sex

A remote-controlled couples’ vibrator worn by women when making love. IDA™ lets you share powerful vibrations and intense rotations within.

his body is pressed on the outer part of the sextoy to stimulate all the better the clitoris , while the inner part will complete the effects of the sex of Monsieur in the vagina of Madame …

It’s irresistible! And above all they are sensations that are almost impossible to get all at the same time without the help of We Vibe 3.

For example, even if the sex of Mr. does his job well, it will never be perfectly bent like the We Vibe 3 to perfectly stimulate the G-spot in full emotion of coitus

. So you can indulge in all the tenderness, movements and sweet words you want, the We Vibe takes care of the technical aspect of the pleasure of Madam, without rushing the ejaculation of Monsieur.

Indeed, as we have just said, this is really a couple sex toy: the vibrations (six different modes adjustable by remote control) were designed to be stimulating enough to support the pleasure of Madam and the erection of Sir.

Without leading you to orgasm in less than thirty seconds, that would not be any more !

The We Vibe 3: precautions for use

  • The We Vibe 3 is easy to maintain. A simple rinsing with soapy water is enough to make it impeccable after use.
  • Wipe it with a lint-free fabric.
  • We Vibe is made of silicone: so use water-based lubricant instead of silicone, otherwise you will ruin its delicate and pleasant texture.
Complete Satisfaction

A comfortable and perfectly-fitting vibrating couple’s ring worn by men when making love, TOR™ 2 enhances the sensations of sex for both partners.

The We Vibe 3: the highlights

  • The We Vibe 3 is small and practical: easy to carry and discreet. The vibrations are very little sound, you can use it everywhere and in any circumstance, without being polluted by a continuous engine noise !
  • Its softness and very soft texture allow an easy and painless insertion that adapts to all anatomies.
  • It does not interfere with the penetration and its vibrations of good quality enhances the pleasure of both partners. (In addition, he supports erection without precipitating ejaculation.)
  • It is completely waterproof and can be used in a bath or a Jacuzzi for lovers of aquatic frolics.
  • It is delivered to you in an oval box very classy and enough design, with a base of reloading, a remote control, a guide and a sachet of lubricant.
  • The remote control is very practical and will allow you to control your pleasure and that of your partner at a distance.

The We Vibe 3: small restriction

The only negative point we find at We Vibe is its price: between 120 and 150 euros …

Luxury Couples’ Massager

Designed to be worn internally by the woman during intercourse, the powerful vibrations – remote controlled and featuring exclusive SenseMotion™ technology – enhance the sensations for both partners. 

At the same time, it’s a high-end sextoy that keeps its promises, you have to know what you want in life !

If you are ready to invest to delight you even more in your lovemaking, it’s a good investment! And frankly, it’s fun in the life of a couple !

If you want to buy one, you can click on the following link that will direct you to an online store that we recommend: we wibe 3.

Have fun !

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