The Best Women Lubricant: Quietly And Sweetly

For anal penetration or to do well love, for masturbation or other sex massages, gel, spray, jar, tube or sachet, cinnamon scent, mandarin, chili chocolate, strawberry, coconut vanilla, malabar or orchid and even blueberry cheesecake.

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🥇Personal Moisturizer
Our pick


  • This dual-purpose, water-based moisturizer is perfect for use with your pleasure products, your partner, or just to keep your skin feeling vital and luxurious.



Doc Johnson Golden Girl Anal Jelly 1.9 fl oz
Very Tight

  • Apply the specially-formulated jelly liberally for lovely, long-lasting slipperiness when enjoying toys or anal sex. Great for anal beginners and experts alike.


Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 3.4 fl oz


  • A little squeeze is all you need for extra slippery and long-lasting pleasure to solo or intimate play with a sex toy or with a partner.


Sliquid Sassy Water-Based Anal Lubricant 8.5 fl oz

  • Natural plant cellulose adds extra cushioning to this water-based formulation, for a thick and luxurious organic lubricant that's ideal for anal play and compatible with all sex toys

This dual-purpose, water-based moisturizer is perfect for use with your pleasure products, your partner, or just to keep your skin feeling vital and luxurious.

– yes, yes, we find some! -, the lubricants have something to turn your head … Some clarifications to choose the one that will best enhance your antics …

Why use a lubricant ?

Intimate lubricants are used to lubricate the mucous membranes and thus facilitate penetration. They reduce friction, avoid pain and maximize pleasure.

The use of a lubricant is thus recommended when the natural lubrication n is not sufficient in the case of vaginal dryness and is almost indispensable in the case of sodomy, since anus does not lubricate naturally.

The lubricant also facilitates the masturbation of the man or woman: it allows the hand to slide better along the penis without clinging and without unpleasant sensations of dryness, the same for the clitoris when the girl does not wet again or not enough.

Comfortable anal play

Lubricants can also enhance use of sex toys, such as the dildo or cockring, especially for anal penetration where it is, again, almost essential.

The Lubricant use is simple: just apply a small amount to the mucous membranes shortly before a report or during foreplay, which may offer opportunity for sexual games very exciting.

Deposit a nut of gel at entrance to the hole and a little on the condom. For better lubrication, n feel free to play with your fingers to dispense the lubricant on the anus and at entry of the vagina.

Note that some lubricants also serve as a massage gel: you can then slide from one part of the body to another with much more gentleness and naturalness. The caresses n will be more exciting …

Precautions and tips for using a best lubricant for women

In the case of chronic vaginal dryness, women can apply a little lubricant daily to lubricate the vagina and so relieve pain.

The intimate lubricant is also recommended for use with the condom to minimize the risk of rupture. Almost all condoms sold today are lubricated, but if the ratio is toned and it lasts, n Feel free to add a little lubricant so that it slides better.

But be careful when using lubricant with a condom to make the right choice water or silicone and not based on oil, otherwise the lubricant could damage the condom and even break it.

Long-lasting pleasure

Versatile and silky smooth, Enjoy is the perfect water-based lubricant for enhanced glide during intimate play.

Most of the time, c is specified on the product you will buy, but note that only lubricants based on water or silicone are 100% compatible with condoms, avoid at all costs in these cases, petrolatum and other products based on animal or vegetable fat.

For more fun, you can put a drop of gel on the glans or at the bottom of the hood before you to put on, which allows a more pleasant contact with the latex.

And if your partner likes the sensation of freshness, you can leave the pod or the bottle of lubricating gel in a cool place and take it out at the last moment, or on the contrary you can warm the pod or the tube between your hands before you apply.

Stay inventive …

Which lubricant to choose ?

In recent years, lubricant manufacturers have multiplied innovations. They offer intimate scented gels, intended to make their use more playful: the scent and taste of these edible lubricants indeed open the way to gourmet pleasures …

But for perfumes as for the rest, all tastes will be satisfied. We also find some odorless and transparent, for those who prefer to stay soft …

Organic ingredients

Natural plant cellulose adds extra cushioning to this water-based formulation, for a thick and luxurious organic lubricant that's ideal for anal play and compatible with all sex toys. 

Gel lubricant based water or silicone, everyone will have their preference, c is a question of texture more or less fluid and conditioning, pod, practical for the outputs, tube or bottle, more economical.

On average, you will find lubricants from 3 to 20 euros, depending on the quality and the “effects” extra: there are, for example, like condoms, which have a heating effect or on the contrary a “chills” effect.

There is also has those who serve as a massage gel or even anal relaxant, ideal for sodomy … Again, this is according to the tastes and the needs! Up to you…

Some practical indications to finish:

  • best lubricants for women based on water : simple to wash with l water, they do not stain and do not stick. These are the ideal lubricant gels for use with condoms or with your erotic toys. Be careful, these intimate lubricants can not be used to make love in the shower because they dissolve in the water.
  • Silicone lubricants : they have a lubricating power 5 times higher than lubricants based on water and can also be used as a massage gel. They do not dissolve so easily in the water and are therefore recommended for bathing or showering. These lubricant gels do not stick and wash with water. warm water and mild soap. Be careful, they should never be used with silicone sex toys.
  • Scented lubricants : excellent for perfuming your antics and your intimate caresses. You can use it during a perfect blowjob, if you have a dry mouth.
  • Lubricants in pods : very handy for going away in the evening or traveling, an intimate lubricating gel that slips discreetly into your pocket or wallet.
  • Lubricants in tube, spray or pot : more economical than pods, ideal for home use.
Extra glide

Using the same formula as our 3.4 fl oz Enjoy lube, this new 8.5 fl oz bottle means you can stock up for even longer lasting slip and slide during intimate play.

best lubricant for women: THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE TEAM

If you wish to obtain some, here is our recommendation following our study of the different lubricants on the market: the Waterglide. A quality lubricant made from high quality products natural origin, a safe bet !

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